New Year, Fewer Beers

One quick glance at the news or at social media and it is clear that everyone is excited to kick 2014 to the curb. It was a horrible, craptastic year of lost planes, terrorism, disease, racial strife, and the loss of our childhood heroes, whether heartbreakingly due to suicide (I have not stopped crying over Robin Williams) or by finding out they have been a predatory psychopath hiding under adorably loud sweaters pretty much the entire time. But that’s not what this post is about. There are many articles already out there that sum it up. Here, have one:

Now we can all agree it was a pile of garbage and move on. To resolutions. I realize the entire concept of New Year’s resolutions is widely considered crap. They are often the same every year (lose weight I mean get healthy! write my novel! conquor the Earth for the Dark Lord and make sacrifices in His Name!) and no one ever keeps them. A lot of people say that you are just setting yourself up for failure.

But I like making them anyway. Mostly because I love lists. Love love love them. Grocery lists, pros & cons, top 10 of anything, you name it. I’ve been told by professionals who are meant to know about such things that I have mild-to-moderate OCD, so perhaps my constant list-making is part of that. Either way, I am going to make some very boring resolutions and you get to read about them. Here we go…

1. Get in shape.

I told you this would be boring. I’ll keep it short. I am out of shape. I would like to get into it. For me personally, being unhealthy is the flip side of my depression coin. When I’m depressed I get physically unhealthy and being unhealthy helps keep me depressed. The opposite is also true. So here are the things I need to do to make this happen: Stop drinking so many of my calories i.e. delicious wine and beer, eat more of the healthy foods I already like anyway, start exercising again now that my ankle is mostly better. I have thought about cutting out all meat except for sushi for a while- outside of steak that wouldn’t be very difficult for me. Chicken and pork can fuck off anyway, except for bacon. I could easily go without all meat forever except raw fish, good steak, and bacon… okay now I’m making myself hungry. COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE, let’s move on…

2. Wean mostly off of Facebook.

This isn’t one of those “stay off social media” resolutions. This is FB specific. I have always preferred Twitter and Tumblr to be honest, but I can’t actually delete Facebook because of two reasons. One, it contains all of my fan groups which are filled with my friends who are as obsessive and/or pervy as I am, and two, it is the easiest way to stay in touch with long-distance friends. Unfortunately, it also just mostly pisses me off. I almost miss the time in my life when I could pretend most of my old friends and distant relatives weren’t ignorant douchebags. FB has removed all possible doubt. Solution? Use it mostly for FB messaging and my side-groups. It has become such a habit for me to check it all the time that it will just take a little self-awareness to break the habit. This one should be easy peasy.

3. Read more. Write more.

I put these together because they tend to go hand in hand. I used to write more and read constantly, but depression put an end to it for a while so I need to get back into the habit. Writing is truly is a muscle, and it’s time to get flexin’. And although you will pry Netflix from my cold dead fingers, I need to read as much as I watch. I waste more time on social media than I do on TV anyway. After a few hours of reading my brain feels energized. It is buzzing with reactions to the reading and new ideas. After a few hours of social media my brain just feels lazy.

4. Get Kind.

This resolution I dedicate to Misha Collins (see Supernatural post).


I do nice things for people, sure. I give money or food to the homeless, I help out my family whenever they ask, I make the odd donation to causes I believe in, I pick up the check at dinner. But being involved with GISHWHES and Random Acts every year reminds me how wonderful it feels to get out there and create positive change in the world, however small. I would like to feel that way more often. If that sounds like a selfish reason to help other people, well I honestly don’t give a shit. So I want to get more involved- maybe find a place to volunteer or a project to support. Focusing on others instead of obsessing over every tiny aspect of my own fucked-up brain can only bring good things. Remember to commit random acts of kindness wherever I spot an opportunity.

5. Don’t Overthink It.

As in everything, like I always do. I’m in a good place right now and it’s no coincidence that the more I accept myself and live in the moment, the happier I get and the easier it is to make better choices. I think it’s the consolation prize for getting older.

So that’s it! Doable, I think. I know that at the end of every year it’s practically trendy to talk about what garbage the year before was, but 2014 really WAS a stinker, for me and for the world. So, 2015: In the words of the late, great Kim Manners, let’s kick it in the ass.


About destielruinedmylife

Bios written in the third person weird me out. You are writing your own bio and we all know it. I am a single female person living in Southern California. I've traveled a whole lot. I am overly invested in more fictional characters than any grown-ass adult should be. I've wanted to marry Raistlin Majere ever since I was 12 and if you know who that is, it should tell you everything you need to know about my romantic choices as well as the depth of my nerdiness. I love being an Aunt. Tacos are the best food. I love rap music. I am still mad about Firefly being cancelled. I've run out of things to say. Bring me tacos.
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    Let’s do eet!!

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